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About Gateway Towers 1
Welcome to Gateway Towers 1 - Marvelled by Swarovski

These towers are a distinct and iconic example of the new urban living in the growing city of Pune. With its stepped futuristic design, green terraces and sky bridges. Gateway Towers 1 is a new benchmark of architectural brilliance and artistry. Magnificent and awe-inspiring, these towers stand at the entrance and form a welcoming gateway to the Township.

Against the night sky, Gateway Towers 1 will appear like a sparkling diamond. Apart from being marvelled by Swarovski, Gateway Towers 1 is also the first building in the city to have 45 stories, making it the tallest structure in Pune. And making it stand out from the crowd, quite literally.

The two towers are complemented by three smaller towers with a modern design which reflects the beauty of the stepped towers. An extensive lush podium deck connects the buildings on the 3rd level, passing through a host of landscape features and entertainment zones. Along with the integrated facilities at the environment deck, Gateway Towers 1 offers an exclusive sky spa, dip pool and a leisure zone on the 23rd level.

The unique shape of these towers also sets them apart from other buildings. Built with flowing aesthetic lines and well-planned landscaped terrace gardens, Gateway Towers 1 will be as much of a wonder to behold, as it will be to live in.